Vaccines based on the Spike protein provide protection against COVID-19. Image shows viral particle with the S protein in red in the center. On each side is the 3-D structure of this protein complex showing each S protein in the complex in a different color. [Compilation by Nancy R. Gough, BioSerendipity, LLC

Clinical trial results from 3 vaccines show that the vaccines have good efficacy. This means that they protect the people who receive the vaccine from getting severe COVID-19. Two of the vaccines are based a new technology that has not been used before in approved vaccines. The technology is new…

Dr. Shannon Tapia, a geriatrician in Colorado, near her home in Denver, Nov, 13, 2020. At one long-term care facility she staffed, 22 people died in 10 days. Photo: Daniel Brenner for The New York Times

By Katherine J. Wu

About 2 a.m. on a sweltering summer night, Dr. Orlando…

rohit khan

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