Donald Trump’s Defeat May Spark a Serious Backlash

Many rejoiced earlier this month when the decisive projection came in and the Associated Press declared Joe Biden winner of the 2020 presidential election. It was glorious (and so were the memes). While some are still riding high on the optimism of a forthcoming regime change, for others, the question lingers: How will the aftermath of Trump’s presidency play out — particularly with regard to Black Americans?

Donald Trump wasn’t the sole problem. There were millions of people who voted him in power — and even more who came out in support of a second term. Many within that base are bitter, angry, and believe their leader has been conned out of an election, despite any evidence proving that to be true. The country seems even more divided that it was four years ago. It’s hard to imagine that tension simply evaporating come Inauguration Day.

In her latest Zora piece, “Trump’s Defeat Comes With A Healthy Dose of Paranoia for Black Folks,” Maia Niguel Hoskin, Ph.D. contemplates the blowback — especially given the skepticism some have about how far the Biden-Harris platform will go to positively impact Black America. She writes:

There’s growing concern about the culture of hatred that Trump has unleashed and the physical safety of the Black community post-election… Over the past six years, Trump has used divisive and inflammatory language to galvanize his base and perpetuate anti-Blackness. He panders to Whites who have historically benefited from racial privilege and are lashing out against any challenge to their societal advantages.


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